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Prominent Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Online Women’s Maga

Women’s magazines have been published since mid 18th century. Earlier, when televisions and laptops were not popular among people, these journals were a prime source of information as well as entertainment for females belonging to different age groups. As time passed, these periodicals underwent several transformations and new data was added to each edition. Nowadays, considering the increased usage of internet, many publishers have introduced online women’s magazine for the ease of female internet surfers.

Based on a survey conducted by a random American agency, it was seen that these magazines had a deep impact on the daily activities and overall personalities of females, especially teens. This was a major concern for parents because teens digest any form of information (whether positive or negative) from these magazines. While printed journals were easily noticed by parents, the concept of e-books has made it much difficult for the parents to keep an eye on their daughters.
There are number of advantages and disadvantages associated with an online women’s magazine.

Some mothers find them useful for their personal growth as well as their daughter’s personality. These periodicals are stuffed with information on balanced diet, health, sports, current affairs, latest fashion, dress designs, recreation, entertainment, music, extra co-curricular activities, beauty tips, expert advices (on legal affairs, relationships, family and studies etc.) as well as informative stories plus articles. A few books have “pen friend columns” where you can befriend other girls or women of your age.

If you select an educational female magazine, you can benefit from it. The best part is that you don’t have to browse through local stores or wait for their delivery; you just have to switch on your laptops and look for a website that features e-magazines. Additionally, you’ll be thrilled to know that most reputed journals are now available on websites.

However lucrative as it may sound, an online women’s magazine has some disadvantages as well. Most ladies become blind fashion followers, all thanks to these books. They go on a shopping spree and end up wasting money on purchasing random products. Secondly, girls often follow random dieting tips published in these books and starve themselves to death. Some cases of kidnapping and blackmailing have also been reported in the case of anonymous pen friends.

Therefore, it’s up to the readers to decide which type of online women’s magazine they want to read. Make sure you look for something enlightening and interesting.

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A Woman’s Take on a Women’s Magazine

It is not surprising to note the numerous women’s magazines in the market today. There are many reasons for such an occurrence. Women are very complex creatures who have many aspects that can never be fully understood or potentials that can be realized. Hence, a women’s magazine is a very instrumental tool that can help its reader understand the fairer sex better.

Drawing Contents

There are many types of news that can be attributed as contents in a women’s magazine as most women would read almost anything that is of interest to them or information that may be beneficial; this includes photos and advertisements as well as opinions.

However, most women are drawn to the big and colorful pictures in a women’s magazine first than any reading articles or printed matter in a women’s magazine. The sight impact is very strong with women; hence, there are more pictures in a women’s magazine than in other types of magazines.

Women are also drawn by the free gifts, promotional offers and discounts that are found in any women’s magazine. That is why a women’s magazine with a sachet of perfume or a piece of discount voucher for a makeup piece would have a higher sales volume than one without.

Women’s reaction

A woman can flip through a women’s magazine over and over many times to digest the contents thoroughly. Hours and days can be spent browsing through a women’s magazine by the fairer sex who takes her own sweet time to enjoy every detail in each women’s magazine. There is always some amazing finds in each reading.

The first flip is usually a scan through the magazine for an overview of the standard; a second flip would be to look through the pictures and advertisements with more interest. A third flip could be a settling down to pick up some good tips or pointers from the printed articles. It is not surprising to find women carrying their favorite women’s magazine around with them everywhere so that they can have their quick flip whenever they have some spare time.

High Volume Sales

It is not surprising that any women’s magazine will sell well anywhere at any time as long as there are women readers in the market place if the women’s magazine pricing is affordable. The magazine’s glossy cover with a great model is bound to attract most women to pick up a copy; a flip is definitely a first reaction even if not for purchasing.

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